Resources for you and your caregiver

Here you will find resources to help you better understand how Optune Lua treats mesothelioma and how the system can fit into your daily routine

Download these resources. Print them and share with your family, caregiver, and healthcare team.

Understanding Optune Lua brochure
This helps you better understand how Optune Lua may help you. It also helps answer some questions you may have.

Download here

Skin care guidelines brochure
Provides you with the necessary information for placing transducer arrays on your body and taking care of your skin while using Optune Lua.

Download here

nCompass support brochure
nCompass offers complete support every step of the way, even before your doctor prescribes Optune Lua.

Download here

nCompass wallet card
Contains information about Optune Lua that you can provide if you are in the ER or going through airport security. Please contact nCompass to receive an official wallet card. You may also download the wallet card here if you cannot wait to receive an official version from Novocure®.

Download here

Patient Information and Operation Manual
This Patient Information and Operation Manual gives you the background information on how to use Optune Lua. This includes information on what Optune Lua is, how it works, how it may help you, and possible side effects.

Download here

CancerCare® Transportation Assistance Program
In coordination with Novocure, CancerCare may offer free transportation assistance nationwide to treatment facilities for eligible people with mesothelioma.

Download here
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The Optune Lua System is a wearable, portable, FDA-approved device indicated for…


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